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Guy Sebastian calls fence fracas claims 'fabricated'

Singer Guy Sebastian says allegations about him holding a brick and "towering over" his significantly older neighbour are "completely fabricated" and an attempt to "flip the story so I'm the bad guy".

The former Australian Idol winner has been involved in a legal feud with his 66-year-old neighbour Phillip Richard Hanslow since January.

Hanslow was subject to an apprehended violence order after police were called to the singer's Maroubra property when tensions flared earlier this year. The neighbour was also charged with intimidating the 41-year-old and damaging his face.

When the matter returned to Waverley Local Court on Thursday, Hanslow's lawyer said a subpoena would force the singer to hand over CCTV footage that shows Sebastian towering over his neighbour with a brick in hand.

But Sebastian says many aspects of the story were not true.

"There's been stuff in the paper today which is just completely fabricated," he told Sunrise on Friday morning.

"It's more of a story to flip the story so I'm the bad guy but it's just completely not true."

While addressing the court case publicly for the first time, the singer said he hadn't filed an AVO against Hanslow.

"It's not me versus him, it's the police that have decided to take the initiative of taking an AVO out," he said.

"But as a public person, I'll still cop it, I get it."

Hanslow's lawyer Bryan Wrench said the dispute arose over a fence, which Hanslow was fixing to match the look of Sebastian's multimillion dollar neighbouring property.

The court heard the dispute between the neighbours had been simmering for years, sparked by the purchase, knockdown and rebuild of the house on the 1400sq m block neighbouring Hanslow's property.

"It was something that transpired between me and him where I'd asked him to stop damaging my property. Then there were some things said on his part which caused me to call the police," Sebastian said.

The three-level concrete and glass home designed by architect Joe Snell has attracted comparisons to a fortress and overlooks neighbouring properties.

The project began in 2016 and the home was completed in 2019.

Sebastian told a Brisbane radio station in 2019 that one of his neighbours was "a bit filthy at everyone".