Gun-wielding man storms Border Force headquarters

A man has been arrested after walking into the Melbourne headquarters of Australia’s Border Force allegedly armed with guns and ammunition.

In a frightening scenario, and a major security breach, a 46-year-old man allegedly entered the building at the bottom of Latrobe Street in Docklands about 1pm and is believed to have begun damaging part of the building on the ground floor.

The man allegedly had weapons on him. Source: 7 News

Police were called and when they arrested the man, they allegedly found he was carrying two sawn-off firearms in a duffle bag – a bolt action rifle and a pump action shotgun.

Police claim the bag also contained several shotgun cartridges, drug paraphernalia and an Australian passport.

The area was cordoned off and six detectives spent about 30 minutes questioning the man as he sat in the back of the police van. They also sealed his belongings in evidence bags.

The man allegedly damaged some of the building. Source: 7 News
Police acted quickly. Source: 7 News

He was then taken away for further questioning.

The building houses state transport agency VicTrack but the principal tenant is Australia’s Border Force, responsible for customs and immigration.

There’s been no official statement made on the man’s motives but a potential tragedy was averted by the quick actions of police.