Gull rescued from hair extensions

A herring gull trapped on a TV aerial and tangled in hair extensions has been rescued by firefighters.

The bird was spotted by a concerned member of the public struggling on a roof on Hartlepool's St Oswalds Street.

Fire crews and RSPCA animal rescuer Shane Lynn helped rescue the stricken creature.

Mr Lynn said: "In all the time I have worked for the RSPCA, rescuing an animal from hair extensions has never come up before."

Mr Lynn thinks the bird became tangled in the hair which then latched on to the aerial.

He said: "We often find discarded fishing litter causes birds to get tangled in objects like TV aerials.

"It was only when the fire service got closer that we realised it was hair extensions.

"It just goes to show the unlikeliest kinds of litter can be a hazard to wildlife.”

Once freed, the bird was found to have superficial leg wounds which were treated by a vet.

Mr Lynn then released the gull safely back into the wild.

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