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Growth with India is 'enormous': Resources minister

Australia's supply of critical minerals to India will be a key aspect of realising the "enormous" potential of the trade relationship between the two nations.

Speaking from India, Resources Minister Madeleine King said the country of 1.4 billion people presented a "remarkable opportunity" for Australia, which could make use of its "natural endowment" to work with like minded partners.

"The growth potential of our trade relationship with India is enormous," she told Sky News on Sunday.

"India is a vast, vibrant democracy ... so a natural fit when it comes to working together on the extraction and processing of critical minerals."

Critical minerals, including lithium, will be vital to decarbonising economies and helping them meet ambitious climate targets.

Asked about the role of coal in India's energy mix, Ms King said Australia will continue to export it.

"I've been very consistent that each country has to choose its own pathway to net zero emissions," she said.

"It would be wrong of us to deny countries like India, the energy sources they need to keep their people safe ... to have the lifestyle we're accustomed to."

The minister formed part of a senior delegation to India which included Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Trade Minister Don Farrell and leaders in Australia's mining and business sectors.