Groper learns not to mess with Taiwan’s 'most beautiful politician'


Chihning Ho, a Taiwanese lawmaker also known for her physical beauty, reportedly kicked a drunk man in the groin after he sexually assaulted her during her recent trip to Japan. The incident occurred outside Otsuka Station in Tokyo on June 15.

  • Caught on video: A video shared by FNN shows an apparentlya inebriated man repeatedly harassing Ho on the street despite her telling him "no" and waving him off. The man continued to pursue Ho even when she tried to hide inside a bookstore. As she was leaving the store, the man reportedly touched her buttocks twice, prompting Ho to defend herself by kicking him in the groin before calling the police.

  • In an update on her Instagram, Ho clarified that the man was not a Japanese citizen, adding that she never had the chance to confirm his nationality. Elsewhere in the post, Ho thanked the police for their assistance, writing, “In light of this incident, I am very grateful to the Japanese police for their efforts in apprehending the suspect. They even arranged for a translator to help me with my statement. The Japanese police worked very hard, and I am super grateful for their efforts.”


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