Groom sparks backlash over wedding prank he pulled on his bride: ‘Huge red flag’

Groom sparks backlash over wedding prank he pulled on his bride: ‘Huge red flag’

A groom has sparked outrage with a prank he pulled on his bride during their wedding, with people on social media encouraging the newlywed to leave her husband.

The clip of the prank was shared to TikTok last month by @viralsnare, which is an account that posts videos of practical jokes. The footage of the bride and groom, taken on their wedding day, started off with them holding hands before they ran towards a pool together. The bride was also seen holding her white wedding dress up, in preparation to jump into the water.

However, moments before getting in the pool, the groom stepped to the side and pretended to do a jump, while letting go of his partner’s hand. As a result, the bride ended up jumping into the water alone.

The short clip ended with the groom looking down at his spouse in the water and laughing. Although it’s unclear how the bride reacted to the prank, she did appear to be smiling, as she began to swim in the pool.

The text over the video questioned the groom for his joke, as it read: “Why would he do that to her,” along with a laughing crying face emoji. The TikTok page also described the prank as “brutal” in the caption.

In the comments under the video, which has amassed more than 12.3m views, many viewers criticised the groom for the prank, with a number of individuals claiming the bride should leave her partner.

“Wow. End of marriage,” one person wrote, while another agreed: “That marriage is over.”

A third claimed: “In that moment, he just showed you, he will not take a leap with you.”

Others claimed that the groom’s behaviour was a sign of how he could act throughout the couple’s relationship.

“He’s a child. Huge red flag,” one viewer claimed.

“If that’s not a metaphor for the rest of their relationship, I don’t know what is,” another added.

However, some viewers still found humour in the situation, while others questioned people who claimed that the bride should leave her husband over the prank.

“Why should the marriage be over for that,” one person asked. “People crazy that they’d just dump a marriage so easily.”

“This is awesome,” another viewer wrote. “No way everyone on here is serious about ‘marriage over.’”

This isn’t the first time that a marriage-related prank has sparked outrage on social media. In August of last year, a man went viral for the fake wedding proposal that he set up for his girlfriend. After walking his girlfriend through the front door, where he’d set up rose petals and balloons, the TikTok user, who goes by Alexandrovitch, led her into the kitchen of the home. From there, she was met with stacks of dirty pots and pans on the kitchen counter and in the sink, prompting laughter from her boyfriend.

While many viewers were amused by the bit, others were left unimpressed, as they claimed they’d “break up” with a partner over the prank.