Groom’s Sister Offered to Host His Wedding and Pay 10K for Food and Decor —Now She Wants to Cancel It

After the bride's demands grew out of control, the groom's sister is questioning whether she should keep her promise to pitch in

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A groom's sister promised to host and pay for a portion of her brother's wedding, but after the bride's demands grew out of control, she no longer wants to help out.

Detailed in a post on Reddit, the sister explained that she agreed to allow her brother and his 25-year-old fiancé to have their nuptials at her stunning Colorado home.

"While I was hesitant to host a wedding in the house of my dreams, I can absolutely understand how my dream home is her dream venue. I told him they absolutely could, but had some rules," the sister recounted in the post.

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When outlining the stipulations, she highlighted a maximum guest count of 25, preservation of the house's integrity, a strict no-smoking policy, and a commitment to safeguarding the property from damage. She further explained, "Given my protective sentiment towards the house, I volunteered to handle decorations and catering as my gift to them. Thus far, I've invested nearly $10,000 into this 'gift' because it's my brother's wedding, and it's something I wanted to do."

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However, during the wedding planning process things spiraled out of control. The bride demanded to invite 45 people to the wedding instead of the agreed-upon 25. "While I was willing to be flexible by one or two, but 20? Nah. She got upset."

"In addition, she wants me to cover the cost of flying her family in because I advanced the money to my other brother (he is reimbursing me) who couldn't afford a ticket," the sister added. "I refused, and once again, I faced resistance. Furthermore, she expects me to construct a pergola (which I actually considered), paint my living room (to conceal the beautiful wood, so absolutely not), and foot the bill for beverages."

After declining the bride's requests, the sister stated that the bride began telling friends and family members she had gone back on her promises and left her in a lurch.

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"I am contemplating canceling the entire event, but that would severely impact my brother, who has done nothing wrong. So, is her chaos overshadowing my obligation to shield my brother from a substantial financial burden? I'm unsure," she concluded.

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Since the sister shared her predicament, her post has amassed over 5,000 likes and 2,000 comments.

"You're much more composed than I am; I would've called it off right then and there," one person remarked.

"You're not canceling the wedding. You're canceling the free venue. They can still get married and have a wedding. Just not at your place," another user added.

Another individual chimed in, "NTA [Not The A**hole] - cancel the entire thing, explain to her family why, and share the screenshots. Audacious folks!"

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