Groom Angry with New Wife After She Pranked His Mother with Orange Makeup on Their Wedding Day

The groom recounted the prank on Reddit, describing his wife's behavior as "kind of mean girlish"

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a woman having her makeup done


A stock image of a woman having her makeup done

A groom is seeking advice after learning that his new wife pulled a not-so-nice prank on his mother on their wedding day.

The groom explained the situation in a recent post on the popular subreddit "Am I the A------?" as he asked fellow Redditors whether he's justified in expressing his "discomfort" about his wife's treatment of his mom.

He began his lengthy post by acknowledging that his mother can sometimes be "rude and catty" and that, because of that, she didn't get off to "a good start" with his wife.

"But I took my wife's side and laid down boundaries," the groom explained. "My mom gets that she can't be rude these days. I fully get my wife will never like her, mom probably won't like her either, and we all just avoid each other for the most part."

While he admitted that the strained relationship between the two women makes him sad, he said he's accepted the reality of the situation because his wife "comes first."

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Despite their wedding being "a nearly perfect day," the groom recalled that his mother had a concern about her appearance ahead of the ceremony.

"My mom had a fairly large, very noticeable food coloring stain on her cheek. Obviously she wasn't happy about this and wanted it covered," he said, explaining that since his mother knows very little about makeup, his wife's friend — who is a makeup artist — stepped in to help.

"[She] knew all the drama about my mom. She told her the makeup would have to be darker to hide [the stain]," the groom said of his wife's friend. "She and my wife giggled ahead of time and decided to f--- with her. She made it super dark, like orange. My mom has fair skin, so it looked ridiculous."

In the end, the groom's mother chose to remove all of the makeup and attend the wedding with the food coloring stain visible on her face.

The groom said he knew nothing about his mother's intentionally botched makeup session until after the wedding, when his wife hosted a dinner with her friends to look through the couple's wedding photos.

"Her friends all began laughing about what they did to my mom. This was the first time I heard about it and I said that was kind of mean girlish," the groom recounted in his post. "My wife gave me a look."

Annoyed, the groom spoke up and defended his mom, telling the women that "they acted like middle school bullies and they should be embarrassed."

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a bride and groom


A stock image of a bride and groom

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After the friends left, an uncomfortable conversation ensued between the groom and his wife. "My wife became very upset and said I should be on her side 100% — not 95% — and that I humiliated her by speaking to her friends like that," he wrote.

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The groom's post got people pretty fired up and garnered more than 1,000 comments, with most siding with him on the issue.

"You were correct — your wife was acting like a middle school bully, not an adult," one Redditor wrote. "And being her husband does not mean you support her blindly, it means you have the courage to tell her when she is going down a bad path. This is not being a mama's boy, this is being a good and moral human being."

Another chimed in, "What your wife did was cruel and came from an ugly place. It was beyond unkind, it was downright mean. You spoke the truth, and your wife didn’t like how she looked when you held up the mirror."

Quite a few commenters even suggested to the groom that his wife's behavior is a big "red flag" and that he could be in for a rocky ride in his marriage.

"If your wife is this spiteful to your mother, think of what she'll do to you," one person pointed out. "This would be a relationship-ending scenario, and I’m one of the most forgiving people. This is incredibly cruel. I bet you if thought about it, you would see many more red flags in your relationship."

Another added: "Expect worse behavior; your mom heard you and adjusted her behavior, your wife doubled down and bullied you. If you love her and want a decent life, you need counseling to get on the same page about boundaries and loyalty."

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