Grieving Pearce-Stevenson family's text



"Throughout Australia (and particularly in South Australia) people were deeply saddened by the news that a young child had been found dead in a suitcase.

Their thoughts and prayers were for this nameless infant whose life apparently was stolen by person or persons unknown.

There were no fond memories to share; rather the prospect that a child would be buried unknown to those who loved her.

Heartfelt offers were forthcoming from strangers who wanted no more than to ensure that the child was able to rest in peace, knowing that others cared in spite of the most awful acts inflicted on her.

It was an especially difficult time for police, for those who discovered the child, for those who searched for clues on what happened - indeed for all in Wynarka and across the state.

It was a difficult time for many for several months ... many could not fathom why such horror had happened. It was a heart-rending time.

Then people heard and re-heard, read and re-read that the child was Khandalyce.

They were stunned but now, they could offer condolences and direct their thoughts to Khandalyce's family - a family bereaved not only by Khandalyce's death but also her mother Karlie's death.

Many were not content to merely think of the unimaginable loss and its impact; as well, they donated money to ensure Karlie and Khandalyce (mother and daughter) might be reunited in their home town, Alice Springs.

In this time of sorrow, Karlie's and Khandalyce's parents and grandparents want to express their and their families' gratitude for the compassion shown by those who have travelled the emotional rollercoaster I have outlined, which they also now endure.

Karlie and Khandalyce were loved. They were missed. Their family lived with the hope they would one day return home.

Both lives were incredible gifts - a blessing to all who truly knew them that were never forgotten nor will they be.

Karlie and Khandalyce continue to live in the minds and hearts of those who loved, and still love, them.

Karlie's and Khandalyce's next-of-kin want especially to thank the police and forensic experts who have tirelessly pursued justice for them.

They want the person or persons responsible for most heinous crimes called to account.

They, in addition, desire respect for their right to silence - a silence intended to allow the wheels of justice to turn unimpeded, so please - they urge - do not ask them to comment at this time.

They ask, however, that no matter the rumour, innuendo and conjecture that all remember always that a mother and her child were needlessly and callously killed.

Thank you to those who are looking after Khandalyce and Karlie. Please now allow us, their family, to grieve privately as we deal with the pain that seems unbearable.

It is time for Khandalyce, and her mother, Karlie to go home. To be reunited as one in each other's arms. To rest in peace for eternity."

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