Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington teases Jo Wilson job change

camilla luddington, grey's anatomy, season 19
Grey's Anatomy star teases new job for characterABC - Getty Images

Grey's Anatomy actor Camilla Luddington has teased her character Jo Wilson might be going through a career change in upcoming episodes.

Luddington, who has played Jo since season 9 in 2012, shared her hopes for her character to get a big promotion in the future.

Speaking to People, she said: "I was such a dork the other day. I was on-set like, 'Wait a second: 'Chief Jo' just has a ring to it.' Or I told myself that it does.

"Wouldn't it be amazing if one day she ended up chief? I would love that."

Is this Luddington teasing something that is actually in the planning, or just wishful thinking? Only time will tell.

camilla luddington, grey's anatomy' season 19
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Elsewhere in the interview, the actor talked about how Jo has changed over the course of her journey so far.

"When I joined the show, very quickly Jo was with Alex [Karev], and so she sort of came as this package deal for many seasons," Luddington explained.

"Then we got to see who Jo was by herself and all the growth that she had to do. Then becoming a mother by herself. I feel like it ended up empowering her as a character. That ends up being really exciting as an actor."

She continued: "It is really special, because I feel like you get to grow with the character. Something that's really been so fun with her is that she's evolved in the same way that I've evolved. When she had a one year old on the show, I was pregnant with my son.

"I feel extra connected to her because it has been so long, and it feels like I've grown up with her on the show."

camilla luddington, grey's anatomy, season 19
ABC - Getty Images

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The actor intends to stay with this show for as long as the people behind-the-scenes allow, with her character currently pursuing a romance with Link, who she worked with in a previous job elsewhere.

As for the show itself, season 21 has been officially greenlit, meaning that there's going to be at least one more run of episodes after the current season finishes (with a supposedly very explosive finale).

Grey's Anatomy season 20 and Station 19's final season are airing on ABC in the US. Both shows stream on Disney+ in the UK.

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