Grey’s Anatomy Boss Meg Marinis Opens Up About Arizona’s Return… Without Callie

To many a Grey’s Anatomy fan, Arizona without Callie is like surgery without anesthesia. But when Jessica Capshaw reprises her role in the ABC drama’s abbreviated Season 20 (which kicks off Thursday, March 14, at 9/8c), she’ll be doing so as a solo actress. Why didn’t Sara Ramirez scrub in as Callie, too?

“We have an open-door policy here” where former cast members are concerned, new showrunner Meg Marinis tells TVLine. “We always want to see old characters come back and interact with the new characters.

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“But there are so many [alumni], and everyone has busy careers and schedules,” she continues. On top of that, “this particular story really connected to Arizona and her specialty, so it made sense” for her former wife not to return to Seattle with her. (Per the Season 20 trailer, Robbins is out to “make history” at her old stomping grounds with an assist from Grey Sloan’s motley crew of interns. Take a look at the teaser here.)

At least during Capshaw’s comeback, we are likely to get an update on “Calzona” and the reunion that we all expected to follow Arizona’s exit in Season 14’s finale (recapped here). Marinis doesn’t come out and say that we’ll be getting answers, but she acknowledges that it would be hard for Robbins’ pals not to ask where the couple stands. “Of course!

“That was such an iconic relationship. It’s still, to this day,” she adds. “When people approach me, one of the things that resonates with them about the show is that relationship. It’s amazing that people still talk about it. Clearly, we did something right.”

What say you, Grey’s Anatomy fans? Do you predict that “Calzona” is making a go of it… or that their second chance isn’t still going, going but gone? Hit the comments.

greys anatomy season 20 mashup
greys anatomy season 20 mashup

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