Yahoo Finance's Friday morning wrap

Gung hay fat choy! Image: Getty

Good morning.

Here’s everything you need to know in finance today.

ASX: The ASX is expected to rise at the open after Thursday’s poor performance amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China. The S&P/ASX 200 closed down 44.7 points, while the All Ordinaries index was down 50 points.  

‘Study economics’: US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has lashed out at climate advocate Greta Thunberg, saying he will listen to her after she “goes and studies economics in college”. 

Global tax sting: Hundreds of Australians have been caught up in a global tax sting targeting money laundering and tax evasion. Here’s what we know. 

Billionaires call for higher taxes: Not all the wealthy are attempting to dodge tax: 121 millionaires and billionaires have signed an open letter calling for governments to implement tax policies that tax the wealthy more. 

Sports rort: Senator Bridget McKenzie has made headlines over alleged pork barrelling, but she’s not the first minister to send large sums of money to their own electorates. 

I want to work in… Australians are leaving their jobs and moving to this hotspot city where the quality of life and job opportunities call. Can you guess where it is? 

Macquarie: Macquarie’s chief executive and her predecessor have been named as suspects in a major German tax scam. They’re two of 60 current and former staff implicated in the huge case. 

Aged care: Countries providing high-quality aged care like Denmark and Sweden are spending significantly more on their systems than Australia is. In fact, of 22 countries examined, Australia was spending the least.

Lunar New Year: And the Lunar New Year is hours away. Here’s what the year of the rat means for your money.  

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