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'Vegan huntsman?': Peculiar green spider found inside box of vegetables

A green spider found in a box of vegetables in Melbourne has left dozens perplexed after an image of the arachnid was shared online.

A photo of the vibrant-coloured spider was shared on Reddit earlier this week by user eatawholebison, who went looking for answers over the discovery.

“Buddy came in our veggie box - what is it? Huntsman?” they wrote.

While several users offered their two cents over its true identity, it wasn’t long until the jokes began flooding in.

The peculiar looking spider found in the box of vegetables. Source: Reddit/ eatawholebison
The peculiar-looking spider found in the box of vegetables. Source: Reddit/ eatawholebison

“Vegan huntsman,” one person proclaimed.

“I don’t think it’s ripe yet,” another wrote.

Another suggested it might have “fused with a grape”.

One person speculated it tasted like “green apple”.

Speaking with Yahoo News Australia, spider expert Dr Lizzy Lowe, from Macquarie University, identified the spider as a micrommata virescen, more commonly known as a green huntsman.

The spider, which is common in the UK and Europe, can also be found across Australia, particularly in Brisbane and Sydney, and pose little threat to humans.

Just last month, a spider found in Sydney was quickly dubbed the “sushi spider” across the globe after Yahoo News Australia shared an image of its peculiar appearance.

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