Greece plans to send large shipment of ammunition to Ukraine — report

Greek flag
Greek flag

The Greek government is planning to supply Ukraine with a significant shipment of artillery munitions, local news outlet iEidiseis reported on April 1.

The shells will reportedly be transferred through the Czechia-led initiative to supply Ukraine with artillery rounds sourced from non-EU countries.

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According to the report, the Greek government is currently seeking approval from the parliamentary committee for the delivery.

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The munitions will come from the reserves of the Greek military, which has deemed them operational after an inspection.

Greece intends to sell the rounds for EUR 150 million ($161 million).

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Since February, Czechia has been arranging an international effort to procure artillery ammunition for Ukraine from third countries, initially hoping to deliver 800,000 shells to Kyiv. As more countries pledged financial support to the initiative, the program could now supply the Ukrainian military with as many as 1.5 million rounds. Crucially, the arrangement allows the sellers to remain anonymous, removing the risk of potential punitive steps from Moscow.

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