Grateful shelter dog snuggles owner on car ride home

A dog rescued from a euthanasia list has shown his new owner his appreciation in a heartwarming photo taken on the way to his new home.

Gregory was saved by Schenley Kirk and her husband, Joe, on May 1 – just two days before he was due to be euthanised. 

The two-year-old Beagle was picked up by Mr Kirk in Ohio, US, and the pooch couldn’t keep his paws off his saviour during the ride home.

Gregory cuddled up to Joe Kirk after his life was saved with just days to spare. Source: Facebook/ Schenley Kirk

“The BEST Freedom Ride Picture EVER!” Ms Kirk wrote on Facebook after she shared a picture of George cuddling up to Mr Kirk.

“What a great photo of Gregory and my Husband Joe on their way home from the shelter! This is what makes it all worth while! This is why we rescue!”

Her post was inundated with comments gushing over the Gregory’s behaviour.

Ms Kirk told US television show Today that her husband said Gregory was desperately seeking affection.

“All (Gregory) wanted to do was to be touching me and cuddling up against me (during the car ride),” Mr Kirk told his wife.

Gregory warmed the hearts of the internet with his desire for affection. Source: Facebook/ Schenley Kirk

Gregory was found as a stray and taken to the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus on April 25.

The shelter initially believed he was healthy, but later found he was heart worm positive, placing him on the euthanasia list.

Ms Kirk has said she and her husband, who run a dog rescue sanctuary, are dedicated to bringing Gregory back to full health.

Mr Kirk said it was as if they’d “known each other for years”.

Unlike other dogs who are kept in a cage in the back of his car, Gregory was allowed to ride up front with him because he’d looked like he’d been contained for far too long.