Graphic: MMA fighter dies after brutal confrontation with security

A 25-year-old MMA star has died after a violent encounter with security guards outside a nightclub in Uzbekistan.

According to reports from the scene, Jamshid Kenzhayev, a mixed martial arts fighter, was bashed and stabbed by guards after attempting to gain access to the Aurum 898 nightclub in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

CCTV cameras show the well-known fighter – wearing a white shirt – initially being refused entry, before he is struck in the abdomen by one of the security guards.

Kenzhayev reels away in pain and briefly disappears from view before returning in a rage to attack the bouncers on the door.

Jamshid Kenzhayev is confronted by security outside the nightclub. Pic: Youtube/Prince official

His act of aggression immediately sparks the security guards, and other members of the nightclub staff, into violent action.

Kenzhayev’s friends are violently chased away as the MMA fighter is set upon by up to 12 bouncers.

Vision shows one large guard throwing a stool at the defenceless 25-year-old as he lay on the ground, while others use baseball bats on him.

Another security guard can be seen stabbing Kenzhayev multiple times on the ground.

Reports suggest the knife used to stab Kenzhayev was actually owned and brought to the scene by the MMA fighter.

Kenzhayev was an MMA champion in Uzbekistan. Pic: Golder’s News and Sport Ltd

Bouncers were later seen dragging Kenzhayev’s bloodied body to the gutter where he is later picked up and taken to hospital.

He was declared dead soon after arriving at the medical facility.

Police have opened a murder investigation into the incident, with one security detained so far, according to reports.

Kenzhayev was an MMA champion in Uzbekistan, and represented his country in the Asian Games.