Dad who raped daughter to be sentenced

Toby Mann

An 'angry and 'domineering' father who raped, tortured and imprisoned his young daughter for more than a decade will be sentenced on Friday.

The NSW father, who cannot be identified, started raping his daughter when she was five-years-old and continued the abuse until she was 19, Judge Sarah Huggett told Sydney's District Court during a sentence hearing on Thursday.

Most details of the sickening abuse committed by the 59-year-old are too disturbing to publish, but the court heard the 73 charges related to years of sexual torture and abuse.

The 14 years of abuse began in 1997, not long after the family moved to a rural property with a creek and a dilapidated shed.

The father first walked into his daughter's room naked in February that year, while his wife was in hospital giving birth.

He forced his young daughter to perform oral sex on him.

Soon after that attack, the man dragged his daughter to the property's creek and held her head under the freezing water.

That would happen several times through the years of torment the girl suffered at the hands of her cruel father.

The girl was regularly sexually abused in the shed, where she was also detained with barbed wire and threatened with a machete.

On several occasions she was left in the shed overnight, wounded and in pain.

The brutal abuse involved the father using about five metal tools to rape his daughter, the court heard.

"The majority were relatively large and were not smooth edged," Judge Huggett said.

Sometimes the girl was bashed with the tools after her father had used them to abuse her.

The girl's mother, who was facing 13 child sexual assault charges, is also due to be sentenced on Friday.

During a sentence hearing on Thursday Judge Huggett described the abuse as "profoundly disturbing".

"It is fortunately rare to see offending of this type," she said, during the day-long sentencing hearing.

Judge Huggett added that she had to suspend her natural feelings as a human when preparing sentences for the pair.

Both will be sentenced on Friday.