Grandfather ‘left to die’ in middle of road after carjacking

Brian Ritchie, 84, was carjacked while looking for a parking space at Brimbank Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s west.

Video shows Mr Ritchie lying on the road after being ripped from his vehicle in broad daylight.

His wife Barbara was left horrified that no-one came to help him.

Brian Ritchie, 84, lies on the road at Brimbank Central in Melbourne’s west after he was carjacked. Source: 7 News

“He could have had a heart attack,” she said outside court on Friday. “He could have had minutes to live – who knows?”

Mr Ritchie said he’s “just getting over it”.

Both were present at James Mammoliti’s sentencing on Friday.

Mr Ritchie said he hopes James Mammoliti’s remorse was genuine. Mammoliti will serve six years behind bars. Source: 7 News

The court heard he was hungry for drugs, pulling open Mr Ritchie’s door and yanking him out of his car.

Mr Ritchie said he is hopeful that Mr Mammoliti’s remorse is genuine.

“I hope he will be OK and that he can make something good for the rest of his life,” he said.

Mammoliti was sentenced to six years in jail.

Mr Ritchie said he deserved his sentence, but hopes his “future is better than his past”.

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