Grammy-winning artist H.E.R.'s duet with former 'AGT' champ captivates viewers

During the live America's Got Talent results show Wednesday, Season 14 winner Kodi Lee teamed up with Oscar and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter H.E.R. for a special duet of her song "Hold On" off her recently released debut album Back of My Mind.

Kodi auditioned for AGT back in 2019 and, within two weeks, the clip had over 50 million views. The blind and autistic singer and pianist ultimately won the season, and left with a big fanbase. On Wednesday, those fans were totally here for Kodi's return to the stage and his "incredible performance" with H.E.R.

One person tweeted: "I came in at the right time. Kodi Lee & H.E.R. giving their #Grammy-worthy performance. All the vibes. He is murdering that vocal." (@SoUWanaBaSinger) Another person shared, "OK. H.E.R. and Kodi Lee's duet is far by the best I've ever seen!" (@DLartey94)

Following their performance, Kodi shared that it was "so amazing" performing with H.E.R., while the award-winning singer had nothing but praise for the former AGT champ in return.

"He's amazing, but I'm so moved, you know? I think he's the epitome of what music is. It brings people together, it inspires, it heals, and he is all of that. So, I'm blessed to be performing with him," said H.E.R.

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