Graham Kay's escort meeting 'not trivial'

Marnie Banger

A convicted serial rapist should be sent back to jail for not telling authorities he was meeting an escort, a Sydney court has heard.

Graham James Kay, who was jailed over a series of rapes on Sydney's north shore in the 1990s, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to failing to comply with an extended supervision order condition that required him to disclose any "intimate relationships".

Appearing in Parramatta Local Court by video link, the 66-year-old, while being questioned by a prosecution lawyer, said he had met an escort once before he was found with her at his home during a visit from a departmental supervising officer on April 7.

He agreed it was fair to describe his connection with the woman as "intimate" and he had taken the woman out to dinner that night - an additional service he paid her for - and bought her flowers.

Kay also obtained the woman's personal mobile number after she expressed an interest in working for herself, rather than an agency.

Kay said he had told the woman their second meeting was not just about a physical connection but about going out with a woman who was not a relative.

"It was not just the physical side of it," Kay said.

The prosecution said Kay's breach, in not communicating with his departmental services officer about his connection with the woman before being found with her when he was aware he needed to, was "not trivial".

She suggested to Magistrate Gary Still a short jail term would be an appropriate sentence.

Kay had been released from prison in 2015 after serving 18 years for six sexual assaults between 1995 and 1996.

His defence lawyer argued on Tuesday his sentence for the breach should take into account that he had told authorities details of his interactions with the escort when he did not need to.

Kay was originally charged with three counts of failing to comply with conditions of his extended supervision order after the April incident.

The two aside from that relating to having an "intimate relationships" - not being truthful to his departmental supervising officer and allowing persons to stay at his residence - were withdrawn on Tuesday.

Kay's sentence will be handed down on May 21.