Gracie Abrams shares video of Taylor Swift putting out fire in NYC apartment: ‘I think we’re gonna die’

Gracie Abrams has shared a video of Taylor Swift successfully extinguishing a fire in her New York City apartment.

In celebration of the release of her second studio album, The Secret of Us, Abrams reflected on writing and duetting with Swift on the fifth track, “us.”

“Writing this entire song from 2am to 6am was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life,” the “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” singer wrote on Instagram on Friday (June 21). “@taylorswift now we know how to use a fire extinguisher. I love you.”

Alongside the post, Abrams, 24, included two videos. The first clip shows the pair playing the piano and singing the song’s lyrics together, while the second video sees Swift, 34, grab a fire extinguisher to put out a small fire on the countertop.

“What do I do about this?” Swift asks Abrams.

“Ok, you’re going to fire extinguish it,” Abrams, who’s behind the camera, responds. “Not water.”

“So I cut this with a knife?” Swift questions as she fiddles with the extinguisher. “I think we’re gonna die.”

“No, we’re not gonna die,” Abrams assures. “But you never put this out with water. You know that.”

Swift can then be seen struggling to squeeze the lever of the extinguisher.

“I don’t know,” she says in exasperation. “B****.”

The extinguisher then hisses as it sprays its contents and puts out the fire.

As Swift and Abrams stand laughing in shock, Swift declares: “Our purses are ruined and my shoes and the whole room I think.”

Recently speaking about the incident in an interview with Billboard, Abrams explained that the fire started after a candle had been knocked over.

“She was such a legend – I don’t know how at this hour or in our state she knew what to do,” Abrams praised of Swift. “We both had an insane cough from the fire extinguisher fumes for weeks.”

Abrams said that the fire had happened six months before the interview with Billboard and shortly after she and Swift co-wrote the song “us.”

Swift has reportedly spent nearly $50m on a single cobblestoned block in Tribeca – first purchasing an $18m townhouse before buying the three neighboring apartments for nearly $10m each in order to combine them into one property.

Recalling the process of creating the song with Swift, Abrams said: “Something caught our ear at the same time very hard and fast.

“So we ran to the piano and started writing this song … I used to fantasize about that kind of a thing as a kid.”

In an earlier interview with Porter, Abrams spoke about her budding friendship with Swift.

“[Taylor]’s such an unbelievable artist, friend, and mentor. She is one of the reasons why I stuck with writing daily,” she said. “She makes these albums while she’s on the road – she never stops. Now I start to feel like s*** when I don’t do it. It’s like eating well, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough. Writing, for me, is something that helps my brain stay at a baseline calm that is required for me to function at the highest possible level in all the other areas.”