Eye-opening report on navy's six-day UFO encounter

Eliza Velk
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Over a six-day period, a US naval vessel apparently tracked an unidentified flying object near the coast of San Diego.

It was back in 2004, but a report has now been released on the incident and its contents are rather unsettling.

During an air defence exercise from November 10 to 16, USS strike group aircrafts are said to have spotted a number of strange objects, now referred to as ‘Anomalous Aerial Vehicles’, that were seen hovering over the surface of the water. 

When descending on the object for further investigation it shot away at super speed. Source: Youtube

Taking a closer look, operating pilots noted it was a white featureless object with no wings, engines or controls confirming it was no ordinary aircraft – instead, it looked to be a 45 feet long flying tic tac.

What was even more interesting is that as the object hovered, the water below was said to have been frothing as if it was reaching boiling point.

An odd object was spotted hovering water in 2004 and looked to be making the water boil underneath. Source: Youtube

Strike commander David Fravor, made the call to descend in on the object for further investigation, however, he said, “it appeared to recognise him” and zoomed away with super speed, recorded as “high velocities and turn rates.”

“It took off like nothing I’ve ever seen,” David said in an interview following what is now known as the tic tac sighting.

The encounter gained a fair amount of media attention at the time, yet the recently released USS Princeton report has uncovered even more details that were never released.

The first is that the ‘Anomalous Aerial Vehicle’ remains of unknown origins however it showed signs of highly agile behaviour, speed and technology not currently known to be in the possession of the US or any other nation.

“The ability to hover over the water then start a vertical climb from zero up to about 12,000ft and then accelerate in less than two seconds and disappear is something that I’ve never seen in my life,” David said speaking to CNN.

VMFA-232 striker carriers were amoung those involved in the encounter. Source: Getty

Despite owning the most powerful air defence sensors and combat systems in the world,  the objects were almost impossible to track over a period of time, and the usual protocols of radar detection proved ineffective against its broadband stealth.

Another detail uncovered throughout the ongoing encounters was that the object was supposedly able to ‘cloak’ itself disguising itself from the human eye.

With this capability, the report highlights the potential for the object to operate underwater without being detected by advanced submarines and sensors.

If this isn’t a sign something else is out there, we don’t know what is. This report only emphasised just how out of the ordinary this encounters really was and clearly something worthy of ongoing investigation.

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