Government to provide aid to refugees returning to Ukraine from abroad

Displaced persons
Displaced persons

The Cabinet has adopted a resolution authorizing financial assistance to Ukrainian citizens who have returned from abroad and are yet to find a job, for up to six months, Ukraine’s Reintegration Ministry said in a message on its website on Jan. 30.

According to the announcement, the resolution was passed to help "families at risk of poverty to make more active use of assistance available to low-income households."

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Families that returned to Ukraine after an extended stay abroad (specifically, more than 90 days), particularly families with working-age individuals who are unemployed and have not paid the unified social tax, are eligible.

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The aid program also includes internally displaced families who, due to relocation, have not worked or made social security contributions.

The payments will be tied to employment incentives. Within two months of receiving assistance, applicants must either find employment or register at an employment center.

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