'She got her karma': Woman 'takes package' from doorstep with surprise contents

As the holidays approach, many people are ordering gifts and expecting packages on their doorstep, but some people seem to be taking advantage of that by stealing items when the owners are not home.

One woman is accused of swiping a package from Shelly Draves’ doorstep in Apopka, Florida, but once she got a look at the contents she probably regretted her decision.

Let’s say she got her karma today,” Ms Draves shared on Facebook, along with images her doorbell camera captured.

“My advice?… If you are going to follow the mail carriers and then grab packages when no one immediately retrieved them 1) make sure they do not have the RING on the doorbell and 2) check the box before you throw a bag over it and take it.”

A woman is accused of taking a box which contained 500 superworms for a bearded dragon. Source: Shelly Rauch Draves/ Facebook

Unfortunately for the alleged thief, the box contained 500 superworms meant for a bearded dragon of Draves’ son.

“You can tell in the video she came up with the blue bag or tarp and tossed it right over the box, so she didn’t even look,” Shelly Draves told WFTV.

“She was just looking for packages.” 

Trish Luddy, a neighbour, wishes there was a video of the woman’s face when she realised what was in the package.

The woman reportedly dropped the box from her car a few blocks away, and a neighbour returned it to Draves’ doorstep.

Should the woman be identified, she will be charged with a felony.

[I hope] she gets caught, and I hope she got bit by a superworm,” Draves said.

According to the post, the accused thief discarded the box a few blocks away before a neighbour brought it back to its owner. Source: Shelly Rauch Draves/ Facebook