Got a baby on the way? Here are the top 3 things parents consider when naming their little one

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There’s a lot to have to think about when having a baby – there’s so much to build, buy and sort before the impending new arrival.

And that’s before we even get to considering baby names, of course.

It’s possibly the biggest decision parents-to-be have to make, as the little one will be stuck with whatever you choose for them for the rest of their lives (unless you’re Kylie Jenner and have a last-minute change of heart).

With that in mind, fresh research by Ancestry has found the top three considerations new parents have when naming their baby.

The biggest priority for those searching out names is making sure the chosen moniker still works when the chubby-faced bubba grows into their adult years; 42% of new parents consider how the name will sound when their child is older. Second most important to parents is keeping it in the family, with over a quarter (26%) wanting their chosen name to have a strong family link. Lastly, 22% of parents prefer the name picked to have a strong meaning behind it.

And while celebrities have popularised some more ‘out there’ names for their little ones (baby Bambi, anyone?) us normal folk are unlikely to follow suit. Research found 62% will opt for more traditional names when they welcome their new bundle of joy – and even more contentiously, 67% of people are open to using the same baby name that a family member or close friend has already given to their child.

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Other forms of inspiration for baby names come from friends (15%), fictional characters in film or TV (7%) or even celebrities (7%).

Unsurprisingly, having a baby is stressful, so picking a name that makes everyone happy sparks arguments; with 12% of partners falling out over picking a name. Meanwhile, 12% of parents report falling out with wider family over what they choose, while some (9%) have even rowed with friends over baby names.

And of course, you can’t win them all, with 19% of people surveyed admitted they would consider changing their name from what their parents chose.

Speaking about the research, Brad Argent, Family History Expert at Ancestry said, “When it comes to deciding on your child’s name, it is undeniably a time for careful consideration. Baby names hold significance for each individual and many are keen to tie their family heritage and history to their selection.

“It’s clear that ancestors and culture remain the most significant influencers when it comes to inspiring baby names and, therefore, Ancestry encourages parents and expectant parents to explore the past and take into account the strength of family heritage when seeking inspiration.”

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