GOP Senator Stands Up and Tries to Fight Witness During Hearing

Oklahoma Sen. Markwayne Mullin stood up and tried to fight a congressional witness during a Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee hearing on Tuesday.

Mullin and Teamsters President Sean O’Brien have been beefing for months, with Mullin even challenging O’Brien to an MMA-style fight this summer. O’Brien had previously called Mullin a “Greedy CEO who pretends like he’s self made. In reality, just a clown & fraud. Always has been, always will be.” O’Brien told Mullin to “quit the tough guy act in these senate hearings. You know where to find me. Anyplace, Anytime cowboy.”

Mullin brought up O’Brien’s remarks during the hearing on Tuesday, informing him that “this is the time, this is the place.”

“You wanna run your mouth? We can be two consenting adults, we can finish it here,” Mullin said.

O’Brien agreed, telling Mullin that he would “love to do it now.” Mullin told O’Brien to stand up then, to which O’Brien demanded the same of Mullin. Mullin obliged, appearing to adjust the ring on his finger in preparation for a fight.

Mullin remained standing before committee chair Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) intervened and attempted to bring the hearing back into order.

“You are a United States senator,” Sanders exclaimed at Mullin, telling him to sit down, and denying O’Brien a chance to respond to Mullin. “This is a hearing, and God knows the American people already have enough contempt for Congress. Let’s not make it worse,” Sanders added before being interrupted once again by the squabbling pair.

“I don’t like words,” Mullin interjected.

“And I don’t like you,” O’Brien shot back.

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