GOP Official Mocked For Voter Fraud Tweet In Response To Elizabeth Warren's Dog Joke

David Moye
·2-min read

It’s been a challenging week for the director of the GOP’s rapid response team: He keeps tweeting things that make Democrats look good.

Earlier this week, Steve Guest had to delete a tweet about Joe Biden that attempted to connect the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to the news that Washington, D.C.’s NFL team is changing its racist name.

But Guest’s attempt to tar the former vice president backfired when people pointed out that the image showed Biden behaving like a loving father― something few people have seen President Donald Trump do.

On Thursday, Guest tried to find another Democratic politician he could “own” and set his sights on Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who recently joked to a Biden strategist that her dog Bailey will be “voting Democrat” in November.

Where most people might see a light-hearted comment, Guest apparently saw a potential bounty of red meat he could feed Republicans:

“Elizabeth Warren endorses voter fraud, says her dog will be voting Democrat,” he tweeted, adding that “Voter fraud is not a joking matter.”

But based on the Twitter reactions, it looks like Guest, not Warren, is the one getting dogged by criticism.

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