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Google's Pixel Buds Pro fall back to an all-time low at Amazon

The two-month-old earbuds are currently on sale for $175, or $25 less than their retail price.

Billy Steele/Engadget

If you missed the chance to grab Google's Pixel Buds Pro when they went on sale in August, don't worry: The tech giant is giving you another shot at buying the wireless earbuds at a discount. Google's Pixel Buds Pro (in Charcoal and Lemongrass) are currently on sale for $175, or $25 less than their retail price. That's the same price they were listed for the first time they went on sale, and that's also a record low for the model on the website. Seeing as the earbuds only came out a couple of months ago — and they're the first in the line with active noise cancellation (ANC) — that's already a great deal if you've been thinking of getting them in the first place.

Buy Google Pixel Buds Pro at Amazon - $175

We gave the Pixel Buds Pro a score of 87 in our review, where we praised them for having reliable touch controls and a solid ANC. They use a six-core audio chip powered by Google's algorithms for active noise cancellation, and they also have a feature called "Silent Seal" to ensure that they can keep as much ambient noise out as possible. This Silent Seal tool uses sensors to adapt the buds to your ear shape when ANC is on, thereby minimizing sound leaks, as well.

We also praised the earbuds for delivering a pleasantly punchy bass. And if Volume EQ, which adapts tuning when you adjust loudness, is on, the bass stays punchy even in low volumes. Another thing we liked about the Pixel Buds Pro is that they support wireless charging unlike their predecessors, and they have a quick-charge feature that gives you an hour of ANC listening after just five minutes.

Bottom line, we found the Pixel Buds Pro to be Google's best earbuds to date. They're also the tech giant's most expensive model to date, so you probably wouldn't want to miss this chance to grab them at a lower price.

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