Google pays to settle gender bias lawsuit

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Google has agreed to pay $US118 million ($A167.5 million) to settle a class action gender discrimination lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed in 2017 by certain former female employees for allegedly placing them in lower-job levels than equally qualified males, resulting in lower pay.

They also accused the company of denying promotions or transitions to other teams for better career advancement.

In a statement, the law firms that represented plaintiffs Kelly Ellis, Holly Pease, Kelli Wisuri, and Heidi Lamar, said that the settlement covers around 15,500 female employees in 236 job titles who worked at Google in California since September 14, 2013.

As part of the settlement, an independent third party expert will analyse Google's leveling-at-hire practices, and an independent labour economist will review the company's pay equity studies.

The post-settlement work will be supervised by an external monitor over the next three years.

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