Good Samaritans save woman in dramatic rescue at busy intersection

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A group of motorists have been filmed abandoning their vehicles at a busy intersection to save an unconscious driver as her car rolled into oncoming traffic.

On May 5, a woman was driving in Boyton Beach, Florida, when she suffered a medical episode while waiting at a red light.

Her car initially remained stationary as the light turned green, prompting other cars to go around her.

However, sensing something was wrong, a woman who works with the driver, jumped out of her car a few lanes over and rushed over to help, Boyton Beach Police Department said.

A woman trying to rescue her unconscious coworker as her car rolls into traffic.
A woman saw her coworker having a medical emergency in her car and raced to rescue her. Source: Boyton Beach Police Department.

The coworker reached the woman's car as it slowly started to roll forward, and waved her arms to prevent other cars from crossing the intersection.

She also frantically banged on her coworker's car, trying to open the doors and bring it to a stop, to no avail.

Video footage appears to show the female driver's head resting on her steering wheel.

Luckily, other motorists saw something was clearly wrong and got out of their cars to try and help. With their combined force, the black car eventually came to a stop.

Several people working to stop the woman's car.
Several people ended up rushing to the woman's aid. Source: Boyton Beach Police Cepartment

One person who rushed over brought what police later identified as a dumbbell.

The dumbbell was given to someone else who used it to break a window so the group could unlock the car and open the driver's door.

It appears one of the Good Samaritans is on the phone, presumably trying to reach emergency services. The group then pushed the car off the road and out of the frame and to a nearby 7-Eleven carpark.

At the carpark, a nurse was on the phone with 911 and provided medical care until the fire department arrived on the scene.

Police shared additional footage of the remarkably brave rescue on Facebook with the hope of identifying all of the people who helped the woman, who is understood to now be in stable condition.

"We are sharing this video in hopes of learning the identities of all the strangers who came together to save this woman’s life," Boyton Beach Police Department said.

"They are heroes and we want to bring them back together at the police department to recognise them and meet the woman they rescued."

In an update, police said they had been in touch with several of the Good Samaritans and they would be honoured as promised and are set to meet the woman they saved.

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