Golden retriever puppy dies after sneaking off with owner's hand warmers

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A pet owner has warned against a popular brand of disposable heat packs following the death of a dog who ingested its “highly toxic” contents.

Sharon Patterson, from Sydney, shared the tragic loss of a golden retriever she bred who ate nearly an entire single packet of Hot Hands Hand Warmers last month.

A couple purchased the young dog from Ms Patterson’s breeding business Euraidd Golden Retrievers late last year, but he sadly died after being severely poisoned.

She said the pooch had found a package and eaten it while at home with his family, who later discovered him vomiting near a chewed hand warmer.

“He received urgent vet treatment, staying at the emergency vet overnight. He seemed to improve, the vets thought maybe the iron hadn't been as potent as the hand warmer had been activated, and it seemed he had been able to vomit up all the contents,” Ms Patterson posted on Facebook.

A golden retriever was killed after consuming almost a whole packet of a Hot Hands Hand Warmers. Source: File/Getty Images

The following day however, the pooch took a turn for the worst and was taken back to the vet for intensive care and monitoring.

“Sadly, he had sustained organ damage, he deteriorated through the night and died,” Ms Patterson wrote on June 26.

“This has been a huge warning to us, I would not want to hear of this happening to anyone else.”

She has called on Hot Hands to clearly state how dangerous its hand warmers were to animals if consumed.

“There should be a warning on the hand warmers themselves: ‘Toxic, not to be consumed’,” she told Yahoo News Australia.

Main ingredients listed on the product include iron, activated carbon and water.

“Silica sachets found In vitamins have this, but there is absolutely nothing, not even a name, on the hand warmers,” Ms Patterson said.

The breeder urged pet owners to remove the products from their home amid a rise in popularity as temperatures dip across the country.

A Hot Hands Hand Warmer caused the death of a dog after it ate almost an entire pack. Source:

“Please, if you use these types of air activated hand warmers make sure they are kept where your dog (or cat) can't reach them,” she said.

“Also, when you dispose of them make sure it's somewhere animals can't get to. Personally, I don't think I'll have these in our house at all.”

Her post was shared more than 9000 times and attracted comments from hundreds of people who offered their condolences.

“Oh no how devastating for all involved. This is no one's fault but a tragic accident and sadly they happen. Thank you for sharing this info with us,” someone wrote.

“I'm so sorry to read about the new owner and your loss, I'll share this to help spread the warning ... big hugs to everyone involved,” another added.

“Oh that is so sad. I wouldn’t risk having them at all after reading this. Golden retrievers can be sneaky thieves and just love finding new things to chew when they are young. Such a tragedy,” one said.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the company that owns Hot Hands for comment.

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