Gold Gate Launches Luxury Real Estate Investment Platform

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World’s First Global Real Estate Exchange Platform Capable of Converting Ultra-Luxury Residential Properties Into Digital Investments

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gold Gate today announced the launch of its high-end platform where high-net-worth individuals, professional athletes, family offices, and foreign investors can acquire fractional ownership in ultra-luxury real estate properties throughout the world.

“Our platform offers users more time, wealth, flexibility in where they live, and control over their lives,” states Dalton Skach, CEO and founder of Gold Gate. “Gold Gate is going to change the way that people live, invest, and travel forever. You don’t have to be confined to one property, in one location. Gold Gate offers the opportunity to become a citizen of the world.”

The online platform provides high-net-worth individuals around the world with the opportunity to acquire luxury real estate properties at a fractional level (1 to 12 months), for the purpose of property appreciation and personal use. A fractional ownership model, where one month equals one share, enables owners to easily acquire and exchange digital shares worldwide.

The platform provides investors with incomparable liquidity in their real estate investments through its exclusive secondary marketplace. Rather than purchasing one luxury property, users have the ability to buy shares, or months, in multiple homes, in different locations around the world, for the same price of one home.

Investors on the Gold Gate platform consist of family offices, foreign investors, professional athletes, celebrities, CEOs, corporations and other high-net-worth individuals. This platform is also ideal for ultra-luxury brokers, property owners, and developers throughout the world that would like to sell their luxury property in less than 90 days at market price and for a 0% fee.

Gold Gate began as a commercial real estate firm in May of 2020 and grew into the global real estate exchange that it is today, after a pivot in August 2020, to focus on bigger opportunities within residential real estate. “Originally, I was creating the Gold Gate platform to provide liquidity to investors in commercial real estate. I wanted to give investors the opportunity to enter and exit real estate investments at will,” offers Skach. “As I learned about the use cases for this technology, I realized there was a much bigger opportunity within residential real estate.”

Gold Gate plans to start featuring properties for investment in Quarter 1 of 2021. Ultra-luxury brokers and property owners with properties worth over $5 million are encouraged to apply to be featured on the platform.

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