Terminally-ill little girl's dying wish was to be a flower girl at mum and dad's wedding

Four-year-old Gold Coast girl Paige was granted her final wish – to be a flower girl at her parents' wedding.

Jacob Skarratts and Tania Miller were planning the wedding of their dreams for 2018 but when their little girl was told she had just days to live, the date changed and they were married just 24 hours later.

The couple put together what they say was an even better wedding in just 24 hours so their baby girl could be their flower girl.

Paige wanted to be a flower girl at her parent's wedding. Source: Kylie Marcic Photography
Her wish came true. Source: Kylie Marcic Photography

"We were planning this big wedding next year that I thought would be perfect but this was beyond perfect,” Ms Miller told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

The Queensland couple held a moving ceremony last week in front of 30 of their family and friends at Brisbane's Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

Ms Miller said it was a "dark day" when they were told their child wasn't going to live following the discovery of a brain tumour the size of a lemon.

The pair were married just 24 hours after being told Paige had just days to live. Source: Kylie Marcic Photography

"Being able to get married the next day meant our hearts sang," she said.

"Paige had such excitement about us getting married."

Within days of Paige's diagnosis, she was having surgery.

But it wasn't long before they were told Paige and her family her condition was incurable.

Paige started chemotherapy and radiation therapy immediately but a day later doctors discovered fluid and blood on the brain.

The pair said the vowels in front of Paige and 30 guests. Source: Kylie Marcic Photography

Doctors told Paige’s parents there was nothing left they could do.

It was Mr Skarratts’ sister who got the wedding together for less than $1000.

“I just focused on the main things that needed to happen,” Innez Stonnell said.

“Finding a celebrant. Getting permission to have a wedding at the hospital. I knew the dress Tania wanted but was limited in what I could find and was sending her photos saying ‘Do you like this one?'.

The couple's other child, two-year-old Imogen, was alongside her big sister Paige as flower girls for the big day.

The family was told Paige had just days to live. Source: Kylie Marcic Photography

“Paige was beautiful, just absolutely stunning. She was the star of the show," Ms Miller said.

Since the wedding, Paige’s mother said that every day they wake up thankful for their daughter who’s “still fighting. She’s our Wonder Woman.”

A GoFundMe page has been created for the family as both parents have had to take time off work to be with Paige.

"This page is helping them with all their expenses over this time as they no longer have an income as holidays ran out weeks ago and government assistance hasn't started," the page reads.