'Kiss my f***ing shoe': Teen girls' foul-mouthed tirade on Gold Coast bus

A group of teenage girls has been filmed screaming abuse and spitting at passengers on a Gold Coast bus in a foul-mouthed rampage.

The girls, who appear to be in their early teens, can be seen calling passengers “rapists” and “bi***es” and attempting to spit on them after boarding a bus at Palm Beach on Sunday.

Burleigh couple Karen and Geoff Brieger filmed the incident and described the girls’ behaviour as “disgusting”.

In the video, one girl can be heard screaming, “Kiss my f***ing shoe”, before adding: “Rapist.”

One of the girls, perhaps aware of being filmed, tells her friends to cover their face.

Speaking to 9News, Ms Brieger said she could not believe the manner in which the girls were behaving.

“I thought gosh, the way they treat adults, how are they acting at school?” she said.

The teen girls, with faces blurred, can be seen terrorising passengers. Source: 9News

The girls reportedly boarded the bus without paying and refused to get off.

With the driver unable to intervene it was up to passengers to step in and encourage the girls to disembark.

According to local authorities, fare evasion among young people has become a major issue for bus drivers in the area.

“Fare evasion is becoming acceptable on our public transport network and so is violence,” Troy Fernandez, from the Transport Workers Union, told 9News.

The state’s transport minister Mark Bailey said he would work with the community to tackle fare evasion and anti-social behaviour on public transport.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Gold Coast police for comment.

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