Going after Luai a mistake - NSW Origin debutant Young

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Dan Himbrechts/AAP PHOTOS

Hudson Young has warned Queensland to target Jarome Luai at their peril, having seen first-hand what happens when you try to get under the NSW five-eighth's skin.

Canberra forward Young will be positioned alongside Luai on the left edge when he debuts for NSW in the State of Origin opener in Adelaide on Wednesday.

Luai has already become the NSW's chief antagonist heading into the series, after earning the ire of Queensland for his on-field antics last year.

The 26-year-old has in turn told Queensland to bring it on, having thrived on the personal challenge of having teams go after him in the past.

Young knows better than most how that tends to end.

Canberra have been involved in a long-running feud with Penrith since 2019, with Panthers star Luai one of the main characters in that battle.

Penrith have won their past five against the Raiders, in matches that often turned heated.

"They beat us by 50 points last time, so we obviously did something wrong," Young said.

"He (Luai) is like anyone. Once once you get under someone's skin, it can bring him into the game.

"I feel like he works like that when when you try and get under his skin. It brings him into the game and he plays really well off the back of it."

Young said he believed he would not have to go out of his way to protect Luai, but would still act as on-field bodyguard to the Samoan international as he would any other half.

Luai, for his part, is ready to relish the personal challenge if Queensland attempt to make it personal.

"It's all good. They can come out guns blazing or whatever, I expect that," Luai said.

"This is Origin, you have to get ready for this kind of stuff. It's going to be one of the toughest games you ever play whenever you play Origin.

"I love it and I play with a lot of passion.

"There is a lot of passion or pride every time I play the game no matter what jersey I am wearing."