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What’s going on with Barstool’s ‘Mean Girl’ podcast?

In addition to founder Dave Portnoy feuding with a Massachusetts pizza shop and YouTuber Trisha Paytas resurfacing allegations against BFFs Podcast co-host Brianna Chickenfry, there also seems to be infighting within the Barstool Sports workplace.

On Tuesday, co-hosts of the Barstool podcast Mean Girl, Alex Bennett and Jordyn Woodruff, posted a since-deleted TikTok poking fun at the company’s recent layoffs.

Barstool recently laid off 25% of its staff, around 100 employees, because the previous owner, Penn Entertainment, unloaded the brand back to its founder, Portnoy, after partnering with ESPN. Penn fully acquired Barstool Sports in February for an additional $388 million after spending $163 million for a 36% stake in 2020.

In the video, Bennett and Woodruff are filmed walking into the Barstool office with the caption “When you show up to work Monday not fired even though all the Stoolies wish you were.”

Barstool employee Jack McGuire (@jackmacbarstool), who covers a mix of sports news, pop culture and inner Barstool goings-on, captured a screenshot of the TikTok before it was deleted and uploaded it to his TikTok with over 630,000 followers.

Another Barstool employee, Chris Klemmer, retweeted the video and commented, “This such a s***** and tone deaf tweet.” Portnoy replied to Klemmer’s response and then had a debate with him on Barstool Radio over Klemmer’s reaction to the Mean Girl hosts.

“Why do you care? Why don’t you mind your own business?” Portnoy asked Klemmer on the radio show.

“I thought it was a s*****y tweet and I called it out,” Klemmer answered. “I’m not going to stick to some hierarchy of who I can and cannot go after. I’m not gonna do that.”

Portnoy concluded the debate by telling Klemmer, “You won’t last long here. … You’re going to be jobless.”

Everyone involved still has their job at Barstool — Woodruff confirmed that she and Bennett are still hosting Mean Girl in a blog post on Tuesday.

But it’s not the first time the two have wreaked havoc inside the office as well as with Barstool fans. In March they set the internet ablaze after both of them admitted on the air that they don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom nor do they “trust” people who do.

Kelly Keegan, known professionally as Kelly Keegs, who hosts the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise-focused Barstool podcast Cutting Stems, published an entire blog post titled “I Officially Hate The Mean Girls.”

“This has to be the end. The Mean Girls brand has been established, the growth is there, it’s time to hang up the clickbait and produce something that actually requires neurons,” Keegan wrote. “I don’t want to hate these girls!”

In a post from Friday, writer Eric Nathan referenced Keegan’s blog in his recap of what happened this week and claimed it caused a deeper rift between Bennett and Woodruff and the rest of the staff.

“Alex and Jordyn went from being in the mix at HQ to basically non-existent overnight, while still holding themselves up as better than the rest of us peasants at Barstool Sports,” he wrote. “From what I can tell, that is most people’s problem with them- it’s the fact for the most part, 90% of us are peasants, grinding day in and out, trying to keep our jobs, while they are god-knows-where, doing 1 episode of the podcast a week.”

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