Gogglebox's Jenny confused by "dark" dramas

a man and woman sitting on a couch
Gogglebox's Jenny confused by "dark" dramasChannel 4

Gogglebox spoilers follow.

Friday's (April 19) episode of Gogglebox saw Jenny get confused by "dark" dramas in a hilarious clip.

As the cast sat down to watch Netflix's new series Baby Reindeer, Lee described the series as a "dark drama".

"Oh God," replied Jenny. "That's the trouble, there's never any light, you can't see what's going on. All these dramas nowadays, they're all dark and dimly lit, you can't see them."

After realising Jenny's mistake, Lee started laughing and explained: "It don't mean that."

a man and woman sitting on a couch
Channel 4

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The show's viewers were quick to share their reactions to the misunderstanding on X (formerly Twitter), with many agreeing with Jenny's complaints.

"You can't argue with Jenny and Lee. Modern TV is so dark you can't see what is happening, so quiet you can't hear it and then so loud you need ear defenders," one person wrote.

"You are right so many things are filmed too dark," added another.

As Baby Reindeer continued, protagonist Donny Dunn meets Martha, the woman who later becomes his stalker after meeting at the pub where he works.

gogglebox's jenny and lee
Channel 4

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The story is based on creator Richard Gadd's harrowing real-life experience with a stalker who would turn up regularly at his workplace, at his comedy shows and outside his house, all under the guise of friendship.

"That's quite scary isn't it," said Baasit Siddiqui on the show's difficult subject matter.

Tonight's instalment of Gogglebox also saw the professional TV watchers react to the latest episode of Teen First Dates, Jamie's Air Fryer Meals, Expedition X and the new series of The Circle.

Gogglebox airs and streams on Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 4.

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