'Who goes first?': Road rule quiz sparks heated debate online

A seemingly simple road rules quiz has sparked a heated debate as to which driver has the right of way.

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) shared the scenario to Facebook, asking “in which order should these cars go?” – but the response was far from unanimous.

The image shows four cars all about to go in opposite directions but as one Facebook user wrote “it’s scary to see how many different answers there are”.

See if you can figure it out for yourself.

Who do you think goes first? Image: RACQ

“Blue, yellow then red. If you’re travelling on a road that ends in a T intersection, and you are making a turn, you must give way to all traffic that is travelling ‘through’ on the road,” one Facebook user said.

“Yellow, Blue, Red. Pay attention to the road markings. This is not a T intersection,” another wrote.

“Blue Red (Plus orange if turning) and then yellow (after organise if orange is going straight,” one man wrote.


The RACQ eventually put an end to the Facebook squabbling, revealing the correct order to be: Yellow, blue, red, orange.

“The give way sign at this intersection makes the path the yellow vehicle is on the continuing road, which curves to the right,” they explained.

“The red and orange vehicles are facing a give way sign and must give way to all other traffic.

“Therefore the yellow vehicle goes first, the blue vehicle goes second as it is effectively turning right off the continuing road and the red and orange vehicles follow.”