Glossier Stretch Fluid Foundation review: These are the Cosmo beauty team's thoughts on the brand's first foundation

glossier stretch fluid foundation review
Glossier Stretch Fluid Foundation: Is it worth it?Glossier - Hearst Owned

As the pioneers of the no-makeup makeup movement, to say we were shocked when Glossier announced they were launching their first-ever foundation would be an understatement. Their current complexion range includes the ultra-thin Perfecting Skin Tint and the iconic Stretch Concealer, but if you're a full-coverage foundation gal like myself, the brand's current coverage offerings don't really cut it.

As much as I'd like to be a barely-there foundation lover, it's just not in the cards for me. So, when Glossier said the words 'buildable, light-to-medium coverage' I was sceptical. Is this really going to cover up my redness, spots and pigmentation? Or were Glossier just toying with my emotions?

The Stretch Fluid Foundation promises to be crease, sweat and transfer-resistant and contains an '89% skincare-based formula', so (in theory) it blends in seamlessly, all with up to 12 hours of wear-time. All these claims sound ideal, but can it really live up to the hype?

With 32 shades to pick from, the Cosmopolitan UK beauty team put Glossier's first foundation to the test. Here's our review of the Stretch Fluid foundation...

Keeks Reid, Acting Beauty Director

glossier stretch fluid foundation review
Hearst Owned

In all honesty, when I learnt of Glossier’s foundation launch I wasn’t that excited. Don’t get me wrong, Glossier is one of my ultimate beauty brands. I’ve been through so many Ultralip’s in Cachet and I spritz on Glossier You so much I’m noseblind to the scent on my clothes. BUT, I have had my reservations about a foundation formula from the brand.

I mean, based on their Perfecting Skin Tint it wasn’t looking good when it came to sufficient coverage. But guys, I’ll admit it, I was wrong (a hard task for a Capricorn like me). While I did find the coverage is still light to medium, it does offer enough to even skin tone. I love how plump it made my skin look and the blend was so seamless.

As an oily gal, I did need to powder the hell out of my face to keep things set but that’s a daily occurrence for me regardless of formula. Luckily, this layers well under powder and still looks natural and skin-like ‘til I swipe it off in the eve.

Charlotte Bitmead, Senior Beauty Writer

glossier stretch fluid foundation review
Before vs. after using Glossier’s Stretch Fluid FoundationHearst Owned

I'll be the first to admit I was totally wrong about this foundation. When news broke on the Cosmo beauty desk that Glossier was launching its first foundation, I rolled my eyes; I believe my exact words were "But it's never going to actually give me coverage, it's Glossier". But boy, was I wrong.

This not only blended like butter on my skin – leaving behind a faux natural glow – but it also did a really impressive job at covering up my redness (hey, rosacea flare-up) for a light-to-medium foundation. The colour was ever-so-slightly too dark for me and my pasty skin, but it did make my skin look healthier and more radiant in an instant.

Longevity-wise, this, unfortunately, didn't live up to its sweat-resistant claims for me (however, I am a particularly heavy sweater), but for something so dewy, it would be a small miracle if it did. My dry skin ate this up but for those oilier areas, powder was a must for me. I'll definitely be reaching for this one come winter when a bit more dew is needed to fight the brisk weather. Glossier, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Elena Chabo, Beauty Writer

glossier stretch fluid foundation review
Before vs. after using Glossier’s Stretch Fluid FoundationHearst Owned

As a no-foundation girly, who goes for bare skin when possible, I had high hopes for a Glossier release, given the brand’s ethos and existing products. I applied with a stippling brush to keep it minimal and it went on seamlessly with very little effort required.

I did need to go beyond my focus areas and do a full face as it wasn’t blending to bare as well as I’d like, and while it was a pretty good shade match, I found I lost some of the dimension in my face.

So, like most foundations, I wouldn’t wear it alone and would need to build back up with sculpting products. But it also showed there’s a level of opacity to it despite it’s lightweight, which will be good for evening discolouration, redness or hyperpigmentation without heavy product.

Lia Mappoura, Beauty Assistant

glossier stretch fluid foundation review
Before vs. after applying Glossier’s Stretch FoundationHearst Owned

As they are known, Glossier is a billion-dollar beauty brand celebrated for their sheer, colourful formulas and lightweight pay-off… not to mention their super cute branding and immersive stores – but you already knew that. And so, with that in mind, I had no doubt the Stretch Fluid Foundation would provide a tinted glow, to say the least.

My expectations were low – now, bear with me here. While I thought I knew what was to come (aka glazed doughnut skin, albeit, with my pigmentation and dark spots on full display), I wasn’t too hopeful. And by that, I mean my jam is a full-beat matte foundation with heaps of setting powder to keep my greasy girl issues at bay (read: I have oily skin). However – and it’s a big however – I was, to my delight, very wrong.

Not only does the formula have a medium-buildable coverage but it’s dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog my sensitive pores. Though, to note: I did need to blot throughout the day but I think that’s a me problem… Having said that, my favourite aspect of this release has to be the foundation’s matching Stretch Face Brush. In just a few sweeps it was able to cover my face in the foundation and blend out seamlessly. Super soft and effective; What’s not to love?

Clare Stephenson, Beauty Eccomerce Writer

glossier stretch fluid foundation review
Before vs. after applying Glossier Stretch FoundationHearst Owned

Frankly, this foundation launched at the completely wrong time – well, in my little life it did. The day news broke that Glossier was bringing out its first-ever foundation, I had just discovered the formula that would have irreplaceable status in my makeup bag. Ugh... Champagne problems, am I right?

Well, I couldn’t be more wrong about that. Soon after trying the Stretch foundation, I happily welcomed it into my makeup bag – and since then, I’ve stayed devoted to its silky and beautifully lightweight formula.

What’s got me so hooked is the finish. IMO, the dewiness is subtle (which I think is a refreshing switch-up) and it doesn’t leave me looking like a glazed doughnut. What I appreciate is how it keeps my skin looking like skin, only smoother and glowier. As for the blending, wow Glossier, just wow. Pair it with the nifty pocket brush, and it sinks in quicker than my fave hyaluronic acid serum.

Truth be told, this isn’t one I’m wearing on the dancefloor as it did require a bit of shine control (I don’t think it could withstand my serious SULA) but, for when I’d like a little somethin’, it’s just the kind of base I’m looking for.

(And if you’re wondering, the other mysterious opponent is the super-dewy Shiseido Revitalessence Skin Glow Foundation).

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