Glen Powell's Hit Man confirms earlier release as new trailer lands

adria arjona, glen powell, hit man
Hit Man confirms earlier release in new trailerBrian Roedel

A new trailer for Glen Powell's upcoming Netflix film has revealed an earlier release date than expected.

Hit Man, directed by Before Sunrise's Richard Linklater, will now be released to the streaming platform a whole two days earlier - June 5, as opposed to the original announced date of June 7.

Top Gun: Maverick star Powell plays Gary Johnson, an undercover cop posing as a hitman.

"I realise not everyone fantasised about the same hitman," he says in the latest trailer, as we see an array of Gary's personas.

adria arjona, glen powell, hit man
Brian Roedel

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"Every sting operation was a performance, and each arrest was like a standing ovation. I had it down to a science until things got complicated," he continues in narration.

As he becomes smitten with Maddy Masters, played by Good Omens star Adria Arjona, he finds his job becomes increasingly difficult. Will he arrest her or will he succumb to her charms and suffocate her abusive husband as per the contract?

The Walking Dead's Austin Amelio stars as policeman Jasper, as do Retta and Sanjay Rao, and Evan Holtzman is Ray Masters, Maddy's husband.

The film was co-written by Powell and Linklater and is based on the 2001 Texas Monthly article of the same name.

glen powell, hit man
Brian Roedel

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After premiering at last year's Venice Film Festival, Hit Man debuted with a stellar 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Speaking to Deadline, Linklater described the film as "ludicrous" and says it aims to deconstruct the hitman subgenre.

"The movie is just a deconstruction of the hitman myth seen from an undercover perspective. There are gangs and there are drug cartels. There are definitely killings, but the retail hitman … that’s what’s kind of ludicrous," he said.

"The whole thing is kind of an examination of self, the idea of 'Are we who we think we are, is the self mutable, are we fixed, what does it even mean?' Notions of identity are pretty unstable these days, and that makes it an interesting subject to take on."

Hit Man is released on Netflix on June 5.

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