Glen Powell reveals his parents have a cameo in Twisters

glen powell and his parents cyndy powell and glen powell sr
Glen Powell reveals his parents cameo in TwistersGetty Images

Glen Powell has revealed his mum and dad both have cameos in his new movie Twisters.

In a behind-the-scenes video shared via the film's official TikTok account, Glen and his parents Cyndy Powell and Glen Powell Sr are seen preparing for a "big rodeo scene" in the upcoming sequel to the 1996 original.

"But what makes it even more special, a layer within the layer, is that my parents are going to be behind me" explains Powell.

glen powell and his parents cyndy powell and glen powell sr
Getty Images

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The video begins with Glen asking how his mum and dad are feeling ahead of their big screen roles and what prep they have done for their cameos.

"I'm feeling ready, game time," replies his dad. "A lot of prep, a lot of prep, this is a big role.

"I mean I'm ultimately going to get Tyler's signature on my hat," Glen Senior adds, shedding more light on his cameo which suggests an exchange with his son's on-screen character Tyler Owens.

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The three Powells are next seen in the hair and make-up trailer getting into character, where Glen Senior's transformation gets the thumbs up from his wife. "You're making him look like a pretty cowboy," exclaims Cyndy.

The three are next seen in a car travelling to the set, sharing their excitement at the upcoming cameo. In the following clip, Cyndy and Glen Senior are seen in their cowboy hats sat behind Glen and his Twisters co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones in an American football stadium, where Glen explains the cameo set-up.

"Just to get to be with Glen and share the whole experience is so much fun," Glen Senior reflects after the cameo is filmed, bringing the video to a close.

glen powell and his parents cyndy powell and glen powell sr
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This isn't the first time Glen's parents have had a cameo in one of his films, with Cyndy and Glen Senior previously playing fellow passengers on a plane alongside him and co-star Sydney Sweeney in their recent romcom Anyone But You.

The couple also received press and social media attention in May after pranking their son at the premiere of his Netflix action film Hit Man. Glen's mum and dad appeared on the red carpet holding up signs that read "Stop trying to make Glen Powell happen" and "It’s never gonna happen."

Fans will be able to see the Powells' cameo in Twisters which arrives in UK cinemas next Wednesday.

Twisters is released in UK cinemas on July 17 and in US cinemas on July 19.

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