'My heart': NSW Premier shares kid's cute letter about the Easter holidays

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Things are a bit strange all over the world as the coronavirus takes hold but one little boy has put a smile on everyone’s face with his adorable letter to the NSW Premier. 

Gladys Berejiklian uploaded a screenshot of the not to her Twitter page last night, with her reply. 

Gladys Berejiklian has shared a letter she received from a seven-year-old boy. Photo: Getty Images

"Good afternoon, Gladys," the letter begins. "My name is Ollie."  

Ollie, who lives in Richmond Valley, NSW, told the Premier he’s turning eight on Sunday and went on to say he has seen her on the news a lot “making rules to keep us safe from the coronavirus”, which he goes on to say is “really nice” of her. 

Then Ollie goes on to say he’s been “a bit worried about one rule” in particular, the one “that says we can’t have visitors any more”.

While Ollie states that it’s usually fine because he’s at home with his mum and sister, he asked Gladys if that means the Easter bunny won’t be allowed to visit on Easter Sunday morning?

“I can leave hand wash out for him if you say he is allowed to still come?”, Ollie went on to say. 

Gladys wrote back, saying: “Dear Ollie, Thank you for your lovely letter. I can confirm the Easter Bunny will definitely be visiting this weekend! Happy birthday for Sunday, Premier Gladys.”

People were quick to respond to Ollie, with one woman writing: “What a beautiful letter! Thank you to Ollie for asking the question uppermost in all our minds this Easter. And I love the gesture of offering hand sanitiser. It’s a good idea to keep the Easter Bunny safe. Happy birthday, Ollie!”

Another person simply wrote: “My heart”, while one person said: “I love that our Premier (at such a difficult time) takes the time to reply to a little kid about his concerns.

Well done Gladys, I think you made Ollie’s day.”

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