Gladiators star Eunice Huthart reveals long list of stunt injuries

eunice huthart, gladiators
Gladiators' Eunice Huthart reveals stunt injuriesITV/Shutterstock

Gladiators star Eunice Huthart has revealed a long list of the stunt injuries she has suffered throughout her career.

Huthart shot to fame in 1994 when she became a champion of Gladiators and the international champion the following year.

Huthart then went on to have a stellar career as a film and TV stuntperson. She has been brought back to pubic attention now, however, as the BBC recently relaunched Gladiators with Bradley Walsh and son Barney as host.

eunice huthart, gladiators

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Fans have since been reminiscing about Huthart's time on the show and she took to X/Twitter to thank her new followers.

She wrote: "Wow my Twitter has blown up to all new followers... I hope to keep you entertained but honestly it is loads of swearing and bevvying from footy highs and lows. A thread on the last 30 years for you... Since Gladiators I entered the film industry as a stunt performer 1/2."

What followed was a long list of the injuries she has suffered over her career: "2/2 1 fractured skull, 1 fractured cheek bone, 1 broken foot, 1 foot tore open (Coronation Street would u believe it), 3 broken toes, 2 snapped acl’s (tbf tho 1 was from playing footy), 2 new hips, 1 cracked coxes, 1 tore minor pectoral, 2 front teeth knocked out, Stunt trophy’s."

bradley walsh, giant, myles harris, gladiators

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The show originally ran on ITV from 1992 to 2000, before Sky tried to revive it in 2008. That was unpopular and now the BBC has revived it again – and fans have been impressed so far.

One fan wrote: "Used to watch the original. Thought this would be the worst with how some media talked about it. Nah I'm watching and feeling like a kid again."

Gladiators airs on BBC One on Saturdays.

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