Girl sues ride for $45k after crushed pinky ends dancing career

A family claims their daughter’s pinky injury on a carnival ride has ended her dance career.

Isabella Miucci, 14, was at a family show in Sydney about two years ago when a safety bar closed down on her pinky on her right hand, A Current Affair reports.

She was 12 at the time and when the safety bar was lifted up Isabella said she could see the bone of her finger. It was nearly severed.

“I was like, ‘oh no. This is not okay’,” she told ACA.

Isabella Miucci after her pinky was crushed on a ride at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. She now claims she can't perform as a hip hop dancer which she planned on doing as a career. Source: A Current Affair

Isabella underwent surgery but claims she can no longer fulfil her dreams of being a professional hip hop dancer.

“When I do dance now - I just can’t be on the floor at all pretty much,” she said.

The family hired lawyer Robert Bryden to sue for compensation and received $45,000.

The pinky was nearly severed. Isabella says she can't do any of the ground moves required for hip hop dancing now. Source: A Current Affair

It’s in a trust fund and will be available to Isabella when she turns 18.

Mr Bryden said people need to “think outside the square” when looking at Isabella’s pinkie injury with how it’s impacted her future and ability to be a dancer.

Isabella said she plans on using the money to either go to uni or travel overseas to pursue work.

Sydney Royal Easter Show has been contacted for comment.

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