Girl sells out of cookies in minutes after choosing clever sales spot

A Girl Guide has sold out of cookies in less than 45 minutes after choosing a clever spot to sell her biscuits.

Elina Childs, 9, of Alberta in Canada, decided to sell her cookies outside a marijuana dispensary on Wednesday, Global News Canada reports.

It was also on the first day of legal cannabis sales across Canada.

Elina’s father, Seann, said his little girl sold 30 boxes worth about AU$5 each in less than 45 minutes.

Elina Childs, 9, sold 30 boxes of Girl Guide cookies in less than 45 minutes after choosing to sell them outside or a legal marijuana dispensary in Alberta, Canada. Source: CBC

Mr Childs said he came up with the idea a day or so before the new legislation came into place because selling the cookies around the neighbourhood has “always been a little slow”.

He also wanted to teach his nine-year-old about the legislation. 

“It amazed me how quickly they went,” he told CBC.  

“Even people in cars driving on the avenue there would stop and roll down their window and ask for cookies.” 

Her father Seann said he was amazed with how quickly his daughter sold the cookies. Source: CBC

Elina also has cystic fibrosis, and her father said there was a change marijuana could help her.

She’s also not the first little girl to decide to benefit from selling cookies outside a pot dispensary. 

In February, a nine-year-old girl sold more than 300 boxes outside of a store in San Diego, which legally sells cannabis.

With the help of her dad, she set up shop outside the store taking advantage of customers happy to stock up on cookies in case the munchies set in.