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Girl, 7, suffers third-degree burns after candle ignites dress

A little girl has sustained third-degree burns across half of her body after the dress she was wearing went up in flames.

The horrific incident was caused by a candle and landed Leela Savill, 7, in the ICU burns unit at a UK hospital where she's already had two operations since the accident on Sunday.

When she caught alight, Leela supposedly ran to her 12-year-old sister who called out to their aunty for help.

The woman, who appears to have been looking after them at the time, was able to rip the dress from Leela's body but suffered severe burns to both her hands.

Leela Savill twirling dress (left) Leela Savill in hospital with burns (right)
The seven-year-old's dress caught alight from a candle and caused horrific burns to 54 per cent of her body. Source: GoFundMe

Leela's sister appears to have been unharmed by the flames, however, she now "suffers from nightmares," a friend of the family revealed.

The young girl was left with horrific burns covering 54 per cent of her body and her parents are "beside themselves", the friend said.

"What has happened to this family is any parents’ worst nightmare," it says on a GoFundMe page set up for the family.

"They are franticly worried as they know that there is a long road ahead."

'Life will not be the same'

The family friend said Leela's parents are "just like any normal parents", but they're now unable to work because of their daughter's accident.

"[There's] great uncertainty around their finances and being able to provide for the needs of Leela given the sad circumstances," they said.

"They are all currently still in shock, Mum is hardly eating, Dad is in a state, they are scared for Leela but also her older sister."

The family are seeking $8,800 to help cover their bills and rent, plus continued support for their two daughters.

"I honestly feel it would be better for the family if they could get through this difficult situation without having the added concern over finances and potentially losing the roof over their heads and having bills pile up," the family friend wrote.

Despite already having two operations, there will be "many more to follow" but "life will not be the same" for Leela and her family.

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