Girl, 2, critical after being shot by brother

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A two-year-old girl is in a critical condition after she was shot in the chest by her three-year-old brother.

On Friday, Kalli Berrien was shot in her upper left chest in the US state of Florida just after midnight (local time). 

Polk County Sheriff's Office said in a statement the girl suffered severe injuries to her internal organs and was in a critical but stable condition. 

Witnesses Kevonte’ Wilson and Rodderick Haynes, both 23, told investigators they were watching a basketball game on TV when the three-year-old boy found the handgun.

Two-year-old Kalli Berrien was shot in the chest on Friday night. Source: GoFundMe
Two-year-old Kalli Berrien was shot in the chest on Friday night. Source: GoFundMe

Police said the boy then pointed the gun at Kalli and shot her.

Wilson, along with Chad Berrien, 24, got into the car to rush Kalli to hospital, however they got into a crash on the way.

Lakeland Police responded to reports of a two-vehicle crash at around 12.15am on Saturday and police said a Good Samaritan took Kalli and Mr Berrien to the hospital.

Kalli's mother Shalissa London rushed to the hospital to be with her.

"I was scared, I was worried, and I was upset. You know, different things like that. And my main concern was just getting to my children," she told Fox News. 

A GoFundMe page was set up to help Kalli's family, with more than $2000 ($A2570) raised for the little girl's family.

"A tragic accident, two-year-old Kalli was shot and is currently in intensive care," the GoFundMe says. 

"She has had two surgeries so far. Please pray for me and my family. Anything helps ... thank you for your thoughts and prayers."

Kalli Berrien remains in hospital in a critical, yet stable condition. Source: GoFundMe
Kalli Berrien remains in hospital in a critical yet stable condition. Source: GoFundMe

Police determined the handgun which was used to shoot Kalli belonged to Wilson and both he and Mr Berrien were arrested on a series of charges.

Following the tragic ordeal, the sheriff issued a impassioned plea to people with firearms in their home.

“It can’t be stressed enough, if you have firearms in your home, keep them away from children," Sheriff Grady Judd said.

"A beautiful little girl is fighting for her life right now because another child who didn’t know any better was able to get his hands on a loaded gun.” 

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