Toddler falls between platform and train while mum is distracted by phone

A shocking video shows the moments after a three-year-old girl fell through a gap on a train platform while her mum couldn’t take her eyes off her mobile phone. 

The mum and daughter were walking parallel to the train cars at Beijing Railway Station on October 16. 

The woman, who was holding her daughter’s book bag in one hand, was said to be staring at her mobile phone when her child accidentally planted one of her feet into the gap between the train and the platform, reports said. 

The mum looking at her little girl after her fall. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope  

Staff at the station gathered around to help rescue the girl and told the mum not to panic.

She was heard telling her daughter: ‘Mum is here’, while she was stuck n the gap.

The mum stood aside as train station staff helped lift the small child from the train tracks back onto the platform, reuniting the pair. 

The pair are reunited and luckily the little girl was said to be uninjured. Source: AsiaWire/ Australscope

It is understood that the child suffered no serious injuries, but members of the public have been highly critical of the mum on social media. 

“Use your phone at home,” one person wrote.

“Don’t play on your phone while out with your kid. Understand the seriousness of the matter.”

Another added, that to some people, “their phone is their life”.

– Australscope