Girl claiming to be Madeleine McCann flees to US after $48,000 death threat

The Polish woman and her American representative flew to the US after receiving 'terrifying threats'.

The Polish woman who claims she may be the missing Madeleine McCann has fled to the US after receiving "countless threats and hate mail", with one death threat reportedly placing a $48,000 bounty on her head.

Julia Faustyna, also referred to as Julia Wendell, sparked global interest after launching a social media account last month which suggested she was Madeleine, the young girl who went missing from a holiday resort in Portugal in 2007.

Right: Julia Faustyna who claims to be Madeleine McCann on the plane to the US ,and left, a picture of Julia with Dr Fia Johansson.
Julia Faustyna who claims to be Madeleine McCann has fled to the US, with the help of her private detective Dr Fia Johansson, after receiving countless death threats. Source: Instagram / @persianmedium

After intense media coverage and amassing millions of followers online, it appears the initial interest has turned threatening, causing the 21-year-old to flee her homeland in fear of her own safety.

Julia represented by psychic Fia Johansson

Julia's spokesperson and private detective Dr Fia Johansson, who has been a key representative for Julia's claims and is reportedly well-known for aiding police in missing person cases, was in Poland when the "terrifying" threats forced the duo to fly to the US.

"It's very important for us to protect Julia," Dr Johansson, a psychic medium, said on Instagram, explaining police in Poland and the US are currently investigating the threats.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun in the UK, the private detective shared that Julia started to question her identity after overhearing her mum saying they don't know why they "have this girl", and commenting that she's always been a "troublemaker".

However, the family released a statement recently via a missing person website discrediting Julia's claims to be associated with Madeleine.

"It is obvious to us as a family that Julia is our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and stepdaughter," they wrote, before adding, "she always wanted to be popular".

'Safe and secure' in the US

With Julia's infamous Instagram account being deactivated after a barrage of "hate speech", both women are now exclusively communicating through Dr Johansson's social media, with the pair uploading a video after touching down at LAX airport on Tuesday.

UK police released photo of what Madeleine McCann would look like now.
The UK police released images of what they believe Madeleine McCann would look like now, 16 years since she went missing. Source: AAP and Getty

The duo were visibly excited and shared they got a "big welcome" when they arrived.

"Never give up and believe in yourself. Dreams come true!" Julia said to the camera, thanking the private detective.

"I love my country," Dr Johansson shared, before adding, "There's safety and security. The care about me and Julia at the moment is very high".

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