Girl badly injured in Tasmania dog attack

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A dog has been euthanased after a "horrific" attack at a home in northwest Tasmania that left a seven-year-old girl with severe facial injuries.

The girl underwent surgery on Thursday morning after being bitten by the pit bull cross at a neighbour's house in Devonport the night before.

Inspector Steve Jones said the girl and friends her age were playing with the dog when the attack occurred.

"Apparently the scene was quite horrific, and there was a lot of blood," he told reporters.

Mr Jones said the dog had to be pulled off the girl by its owner, who provided first aid before taking her to her parents who lived nearby.

She was rushed to Launceston General Hospital with substantial injuries to her face, head, neck and jaw and is likely to need further surgery.

Police say when they arrived at the house the dog had been removed and the owner refused to disclose its location.

"Whether that was for the safety of the child or other people attending, that was a decision made by the owner at the time," Mr Jones said.

The owner has since met with council and surrendered the dog. It has been put down.

"We will be speaking to the owner of the dog and we'll be establishing if there have been any offences committed under the Dog Control Act," Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones said the girl had met the dog before.

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